Voice Dictation Plus 앱 리뷰

Waste of money

Over 75% of the words are incorrectly captured. Big waste of money.

Good app


Great App

This app works great. It's voice recognition is spot on and easy to use. I've tried a lot of these type apps, this one works the best.

Good for older iPhones

As an iPhone 4 owner, this app has been very useful to me. Nuance's Dragon Dictation seems to have stopped being developed, and this app fills the niche well.


9 out of 10 times I try to use this app. It gives me an error, thank god I didn't pay anything for it! If I could give it 0 stars I would! Deleted....

A wonderful "Siri backup program"

I used to hate it when Siri would go down from time to time, and I would have no choice but to go back to the old-fashioned keyboard. That was at least until I got "Voice Dictation". Now whenever Siri goes down, I still have an excellent backup. This program even works better for me than Siri. Example: To Siri I say, "Let me see if I can dissuade you from that" and I get back, "Let me see if I can this way due from that." To Voice Dictation I say the same thing, and I get back exactly what I said. Hooray Voice Dictation! I wish that there were a key on my keyboard to integrate it with my other apps, but you can't have everything. I also wish that the program could rotate into landscape mode. Still, thanks for a great dictation program Voice Dictation!

Don't buy it


A great app!

This app helps me since I have an iphone4 and no Siri . Thank you


Good app

Totally worth it!

Most apps (unlike this one) don't let you change the language. And when it gets it wrong occasionally, I can just press the word and correct it quickly and easily.


I use this app every day. It does a great job of translating my speech to text and very quickly I must say. It is especially helpful when driving; I only have to push a few buttons and my message is sent. Awesome! So much faster than typing and safer if I must send one while driving. Thanks for a great app.


Muy bueno y exacto?


Resuelve algo


Que buena usala




Very good app and very useful wish Siri can be in Arabic like this awesome app


Ese es calificativo que puedo dar a esta magnífica aplicación!

Baixe agora ou eu correrei atras de ti

Eu baixei este app quando estava grátis sem a esperança de que funcionaria (igual aos outros) mas ele realmente funciona e é muito bom, comete poucos erros e é o único que funcionou até hoje de todos os 4 apps desse tipo que eu já baixei até hoje!

Love it!

What an useful app! Amazing. Blind people must be grateful with this kind of apps. And lazy people too hahaha. Can u PLEASE include whatsapp?

Really good

Really good app! Great idea


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